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Here you will find links to all of our online classes. Every class is 100% free and everyone is welcome to join without registering. We use Zoom. If you are using a computer, simply click on the link. If you are using a phone, you may need to download the
free Zoom app


If the link isn't working, which happens very occasionally, try joining through with the meeting ID.

Make sure you choose the right class for you. If you're not sure, feel free to contact us.  

There are WhatsApp groups for Guitar, Bass and Ukulele students to stay in touch and share resources between lessons. Send us a message if you want to be added!

Intro to Arabic Music - May 10th 20:30

Join our amazing volunteers for a FREE event on the oud and bağlama, two stringed instruments central to Arabic folk music. We’ll talk about the background of the instruments, what it’s like learning to play them, and how they are constructed.

There will also be some performances and an opportunity for discussion at the end.
Book through the button above for access to the Zoom link, as places are limited!

If you can’t make it the whole event will be recorded for later viewing.



6:30pm: "Beginners" Guitar Group

is for people that have just started playing the guitar. 

Meeting ID: 826 8919 9564

6:30pm: "Intermediate" Guitar Group

is for people that already know a few chords, can change between those chords. We learn new skills like more chords, strumming patterns, fingerpicking, scales, songs, etc. 

Meeting ID: 826 8919 9564

7:30pm: "Advanced / Social" Guitar Group

is for anyone that has already been playing for a while, already knows how to play some chords and feels comfortable with the instrument. We learn new skills like more chords, strumming patterns, fingerpicking, scales, songs, etc. 

Meeting ID: 826 8919 9564

Music Theory Pyjama Party

6:30pm (All Experience / Skill Levels Welcome)

There are plenty of music theory resources out there, but applying what you learn isn’t always easy. Join some of our volunteer teachers for some practical conversations about the nuts and bolts of music theory and what they mean in practice. All instruments and experience levels welcome!


Feel free to contact us in advance with any topics you’re interested in, or a piece you’re currently working on so we can prepare a little. This will be a relaxed and fluid conversation, so everyone is welcome, even if you’ve never joined us before.  

Meeting ID: 815 4015 9989

Bass Guitar

6:30pm: "Beginners / Intermediate" Bass Guitar Group 
is for  people who have never played before, or have already played a little bit but are still beginners. 

Meeting ID: 864 8416 0677

7:30pm: "Intermediate / Advanced" Bass Guitar Group

is for  people who already know some bass skills and want to improve by practicing with others. 

Meeting ID: 832 5421 3659



6:30pm: "Beginners PLUS" Ukulele Group
is for people who already know a few chords and want to improve their skills by practicing with others. It is still a very simple level. If you haven't really played before, you can still join. We'll help you catch up!

Meeting ID: 842 1582 5132

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