Helpful Links and Docs

Here you can find some of the resources, chord diagrams, tabs, sheet music and articles picked out by community members

If you didn't get a chance to download a file before the Zoom call ended, or want something new to work on between lessons, there's a good chance you'll find what you need in our google drive below. And it's sure to grow as time goes on!

Introduction to Arabic Music 10/05/21

In May we were joined by Oudia and Khoudir for an evening of performance, and conversation in a mixture of English and German.

The links and names sent in the Zoom chat during the event can be found at the end of the video:

Open Music School TV

Even while we can't be together to learn, our community is thinking of each other. 


Below is a collection of videos made by our community members, teaching a variety of different musical skills. The videos are not intended to be perfect. They are simply a way for friends to help friends learn in a relaxed and fun way... The same thing we always do. 

So scroll down to see the videos (they're organised by instrument.) 

Happy learning!