GSBTB Open Music Lab

Mondays at 18.00

The OML runs workshops most Monday nights. The workshops are always on a different subject relating to producing music. You do not have to register for these workshops. Just come along. Please check the calendar for info coming workshops. 

The OML also runs courses on Electronic Music Production for Beginners. These courses happen a couple of times a year, usually running for six weeks at a time. You do have to register for these. Please check out calendar for more info on the coming courses. 

What is the GSBTB Open Music Lab?

The Open Music Lab empowers people to make their own music. It's a space where anyone can learn how to create, record, and share. We believe music creation needs safe, accessible spaces where cultural differences are celebrated. Our free workshops and courses are a place for Berlin’s diverse communities to connect and create together.

We provide weekly workshops on specific topics, ranging from building a basic microphone to learning to mix and master a track, from learning about harmony and scales to writing your own lyrics, from sampling to using synthesisers. We also run beginners' courses in music production and DJing, as well as more advanced courses for experienced musicians. Check our calendarfor more details about what's on offer.

Who is the GSBTB Open Music Lab?

The Open Music Lab is an important part of the Open Music School. Our teachers are experts drawn from Berlin's vibrant music scenes.


Many of our students recently arrived in Germany; others have come to Berlin from all around the world for a variety of reasons; others were born here. The Open Music Lab is for everyoneand is committed to including and supporting refugees, people with difficult migrational backgrounds and other marginalised groups.

Why does the GSBTB Open Music Lab exist?

We believe music creation needs safe, accessible spaces. We provide opportunities for Berlin’s diverse musical communities to connect at our weekly workshops, while creating space for inspired newcomers to take their first steps into music creation. 


Interested in getting involved?

Check out the OMS schedulefor our coming workshops!

If you are interested in offering your skills as a teacher, please contact us here: