Welcome to the Open Music School! 

The GSBTB - Open Music School is a free, volunteer-powered, knowledge-sharing community with a focus on the inclusion and empowerment of new migrants, marginalised people and those seeking a positive social network.

How does it work?

All classes and workshops are lead by talented volunteers who simply want to share their skills and time with people who want to learn! 

Cool, but are the music lessons really free?

Yes! In the interest of making them accessible to everyone, all of our events are free and always will be. 

Is this community for me?

Yes! The Open Music School is for everyone, regardless of their gender, ethnicity, nationality or migrational status.
It simply creates spaces for people to learn from one another and be together. 

Where is the Open Music School?

Most of our events happen at Refugio: Lenaustrasse 3, 12047, Berlin.

For more info, visit the About page!