Welcome to the

Open Music School! 

The GSBTB Open Music School is a completely FREE musical knowledge-sharing community that focusses on the inclusion of new migrants, marginalised people and those seeking a positive social network in Berlin.  

How do we offer free, social music lessons?

All of our classes and workshops are facilitated by talented volunteers who simply want to share their experience, skills, and time with people who want to learn. 

Cool, but are the music lessons really free?

Yes! To make sure that our programming is accessible to everyone, all of our events are 100% free and always will be. 

Is this community for me?

Yes! The Open Music School is for everyone, regardless of their gender, ethnicity, nationality, migrational status or anything else. It is simply a space for people to be together and learn from one another. 

Where is the Open Music School?

The OMS is a flexible and resourceful community so our work can happen in many places.
Most of our workshops, classes and events happen at Refugio Berlin:
Lenaustrasse 3, 12047, Berlin.

How do I know what is happening and when?

We update our programming regularly to reflect the needs of our community. Please take a look at our events calendar below to find out what is happening this week at the

Open Music School.  

Intro to Arabic Music - May 10th 20:30

intro to arabic music.png

Join our amazing volunteers for a FREE event on the oud and bağlama, two stringed instruments central to Arabic folk music. We’ll talk about the background of the instruments, what it’s like learning to play them, and how they are constructed.

There will also be some performances and an opportunity for discussion at the end.
Book through the button above for access to the Zoom link, as places are limited!

If you can’t make it the whole event will be recorded for later viewing.

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