Open Music Lab

The Open Music Lab empowers people to make their own music. It creates spaces where anyone can learn how to create, record, and share. Music creation often needs safe, accessible spaces where cultural differences are celebrated. The OML’s free workshops and courses are a place for Berlin’s diverse communities to connect and create together.

It works in a few different ways:

Monday Night Workshops

A curated series of one-off, informal workshops that cover many, many different aspects of music creation and performance. From cassette tape manipulation to using vocal plugins in Ableton, from mixing and mastering to the basics of music theory. The OML Monday night workshops are an amazing place for music lovers and producers of all levels to meet and share skills. One out of every four workshops are Women*-only. 

Six-Week Beginners' Course 

This course is an introduction to electronic music production for absolute beginners. By working hands-on with Ableton guided by active and talented musicians, participants learn the basics of creating electronic music, regardless of their genre preference.

Due to high demand, participants do have to register to take part in this course. 

Five-Month Music Production Course

A comprehensive course of 16 workshops relating to all aspects of creating music, promoting it publicly and performing it live. These workshops are accompanied by regular field-trips to professional studios around Berlin. Participants are personally tutored and supported by experts to create and release their own tracks.   


Due to high demand, participants do have to register to take part in this course. 

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